if you've ever messed up a dimension or a hole position on something you're building, don't be too hard on yourself.

at least you're not the Cisco design engineer who caused an entire product line recall by placing the mode button (which resets the switch if held) directly above an RJ45 port.

BREAKING: Democrat and indigenous Alaskan Mary Peltola officially wins race for Alaska’s only House seat, defeating Pro-Trump Republican Sarah Palin.

What’s worse

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well done, JephJacques, wherever you are.

Hey, so, we've hit 1,028,362 monthly active users across the network today. 1,124 new Mastodon servers since Oct 27, and 489,003 new users. That's pretty cool.

So right now i'm trying to figure this whole federation thing out. please bear with me. we have a bit of funding from Azure to get started, but soon we will need to figure out finances too. long term (assuming we live that long) we would need to figure out storage.


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